Why BERSERK is so well-liked among manga lovers?

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Introduction: Kentaro Miura’s dark fantasy manga Berserk has gained a large following and received a great deal of appreciation from manga fans all around the world. Readers have been attracted by its singular combination of engaging tale, intricate artwork, and philosophical concepts for decades. This essay explores Berserk’s complex characters, rich world-building, and thought-provoking study of humanity’s darkest sides in order to understand why BERSERK is so well-liked among manga lovers?

BERSERK is so well-liked among manga lovers?


When the story opens, Guts is a young child living with a group of mercenaries under the command of a man by the name of Gambino. Guts receives martial arts training and develops into a competent fighter, but the death of Gambino at the hands of a fellow mercenary named Donovan changes his life irrevocably. Guts then embarks on a solo journey, moving from location to location and taking on various contracts as a hired sword.

As he ages, Guts acquires the moniker “Black Swordsman,” earning the respect and dread of everyone who knows him. The God Hand’s commander, Void, marks him for sacrifice when he comes across a group of apostles, demonic creatures who have given their souls to the God Hand in return for power. Despite losing an arm and an eye, Guts makes it through the ritual of sacrifice.

After that, Guts meets Casca, a young lady, who becomes his friend and potential love interest. Together, they set out on a quest to get revenge on Griffith, the Band of the Hawk’s former commander, who betrayed them and offered them to the God Hand in return for his own fame and prosperity.

As Guts and Casca negotiate the perilous environment they live in, encountering numerous foes and hurdles along the way, the narrative turns darker and more brutal. To help them destroy Griffith and the God Hand, they are joined by a number of friends, including as the witch Schierke and the elf Puck.

Guts battles his inner demons and trauma from his past throughout the whole series, including his connection with his old mentor Gambino and the circumstances that lead to his sacrifice by the God Hand. In addition, themes of vengeance, treachery, and the corrupting effects of power are explored throughout the narrative.


However, Kentaro Miura’s untimely death in May 2021 prevented the series from being completed. It is unknown if the series will ever be finished; the final chapter he worked on was published posthumously in June 2021. Despite this, the manga series BERSERK continues to be adored and significant due to its tremendous action, intricate characters, and eerie atmosphere.

Why BERSERK is so well-liked among manga lovers?

BERSERK is well-liked among manga lovers for a number of reasons:

Dark and fascinating story:

The journey of a skilled warrior seeking vengeance against those who have wronged him is followed in the dark and intriguing narrative of BERSERK. The narrative is full of surprising turns and surprises that keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Action that is violent and visceral:

The action sequences in BERSERK feature intricate portrayals of blood and gore. Guts’ clashes with his adversaries are sometimes gruesome and violent, which makes for an exciting reading experience.

characters that are intricate and well-developed:

Each character in BERSERK has a distinct backstory, motives, and personality. Particularly Guts, a character that has experienced significant trauma and battles his own inner demons, makes for an engaging and relatable protagonist.

In BERSERK, the environments, creatures, and demons are shown in a precise and realistic manner, creating an eerie and dramatic visual atmosphere. The darker aspects of the novel are also conveyed through the art, which is likewise quite evocative.

Impact on other media:

Video games, anime, and other manga series have all been significantly influenced by BERSERK. Its influence may be observed in the grimy, gloomy aesthetics of many modern works as well as in the widespread appeal of the dark fantasy and horror subgenres.


The enormous success of Berserk among manga fans can be attributed to a variety of causes, in our opinion. Readers are immersed in a visually engaging experience thanks to Kentaro Miura’s skillful writing and superb artwork. Audiences have a strong emotional reaction to the series’ dark topics, amazing characters, and investigation of the human condition. Berserk maintains its hold on manga fans and solidifies its reputation as a masterpiece that will be adored for many years to come.

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