Why is vagabond manga considered the best manga?

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Why is vagabond considered the best manga about human psychology?


Manga is a type of Japanese comic art that has gained enormous popularity worldwide. It gives readers the chance to explore a wide range of genres and subgenres, appealing to readers of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. Manga that explores the complexities of the human mind and the many factors that affect human behavior is one of these genres. Vagabond stands out as one of the best psychology manga among the wide range that are available. This article will explore the various themes and elements that make Vagabond so compelling as well as why is vagabond considered the best manga about human psychology.


Japanese manga author and illustrator Takehiko Inoue created the Vagabond series. From 1998 to 2015, it was first published as a serial in Weekly Morning magazine. Since then, 37 tankbon volumes have been compiled. The manga is a fictionalized account of the life of Miyamoto Musashi, a renowned Japanese swordsman. The story takes place in early 17th-century feudal Japan and follows Musashi as he sets out on a quest to become the greatest swordsman in the country.

vagabond considered the best manga about human psychology?

There are several reasons for vagabond to consider as the best manga about human psychology.

Exploration of the human mind:

Vagabond is regarded as the best manga about human psychology in large part due to its in-depth examination of the human mind. The manga delves deeply into the minds of its characters and examines the many things that affect how they act. It depicts the inner conflicts people experience and the various ways they manage their emotions.

Musashi, the main character, is portrayed as a complex individual who battles his inner demons. He is portrayed as a man who is troubled by his past and looks for purpose in life. His journey to accept his past and discover his place in the world is explored throughout the manga.

Sasaki Kojir and Matahachi Hon’iden are just two examples of the characters whose psychology the manga also examines. For those who are interested in human psychology, it portrays their inner conflicts and the various factors that influence their behaviour, making it an insightful read.

Realistic portrayal of characters:

Characters are realistically portrayed, which is another reason why Vagabond is regarded as the best manga about human psychology. The characters in the manga are shown to be flawed human beings who are neither entirely good nor entirely bad. It explains the various motivating factors behind their actions, which makes them believable and relatable.

The main character, Musashi, is portrayed as a man who is both courageous and weak. He is portrayed as a man who is driven by his ambition to excel as Japan’s greatest swordsman, but who is also beset by uncertainties and anxieties. His inner conflicts and emotional struggles are depicted in the manga, which makes him a relatable and credible character.

The manga also features other characters who are presented as relatable and realistic. They are portrayed as complex, multidimensional beings who are motivated by their desires and motivations.

Exploration of ethical issues:

Vagabond also examines moral conundrums and the various ethical problems that people encounter. The manga explores the various factors that shape the decisions of characters who are presented with challenging options.

Musashi, for instance, must decide whether to kill or spare the lives of his opponents. The manga investigates his way of thinking and the various things that affect his moral code and desire to become the best swordsman in Japan influenced his choices.

The manga is a thought-provoking read that raises significant concerns about ethics and morality due to its exploration of moral dilemmas.

Vagabond also examines the human condition and the various difficulties that people encounter in their daily lives. The manga depicts characters who experience hardship and examines the various ways in which they overcome their difficulties.

Beautiful artwork:

Finally, due to its stunning artwork, Vagabond is regarded as the best manga about human psychology. The manga is renowned for its gorgeous illustrations and fine detail. It is a visually stunning read because the artwork gives the characters and the story more depth and dimension.

The manga also employs visual storytelling to examine the character psychology. The depiction of the characters’ emotions and inner struggles in the artwork gives the narrative a deeper level of complexity.


Due to its examination of the human mind, accurate character portrayals, exploration of moral quandaries and the human condition, and stunning artwork, vagabond considered the best manga about human psychology. It provides readers with an engaging read that delves into the complexities of the human psyche. Vagabond is a must-read if you have an interest in human psychology and like manga.

The manga provides an in-depth, nuanced look at the human experience that is both fascinating and instructive. The manga asks readers to consider critically the forces that shape human behavior by presenting its characters as complex, multidimensional people.

In final point, vagabond considered the best manga about human psychology because it explores the human mind, portrays characters in a realistic light, examines moral dilemmas and the human condition, and has stunning art. Anyone interested in human psychology or manga in general must read it. The manga provides a thought-provoking, perceptive read that is both enjoyable and instructive. It is evidence of how effectively and captivatingly manga can explore difficult themes and concepts.