10 Top-rated manga series with romance and fantasy

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Numerous manga readers all across the world have fallen in love with the romance and fantasy subgenres. A unique and engrossing reading experience is produced by a combination of exciting worlds, compelling characters, and heartwarming connections. This article will look at 10 Top-rated manga series with romance and fantasy that expertly combine romance and fantasy, taking readers to fantastic worlds brimming with magic, adventure, and love. These manga series have established themselves as fan favorites thanks to their engaging narratives, which range from epic expeditions to star-crossed love tales. Join us as we explore the romantic and fantastical realms and learn about some of the most acclaimed manga stories that have influenced the field forever.

manga series with romance and fantasy

Here are 10 Top-rated manga series with romance and fantasy

1) Kamisama Kiss:

 Kamisama Kiss

Julietta Suzuki is the author and illustrator of the well-liked manga series “Kamisama Kiss”. From 2008 until 2016, the manga was serialized in Hana to Yume, a shoujo manga publication from Hakusensha. Later, it turned into many original video animations and an anime television series.

The protagonist of the story is a high school student named Nanami Momozono, who loses her house and experiences significant debt as a result of her father’s abandonment. She once protects a man from a dog, and in return he offers her his house. However, it turns out that Mikage is truly a god who endowed Nanami with the title of the local earth god. Assuming the role of the land god of a modest shrine, Nanami suddenly finds herself forced into the world of gods and spirits.

Overall, “Kamisama Kiss” is a charming and entertaining story of a girl’s unexpected journey into the world of gods and spirits, full of romance, humor, and fantastical experiences.

2) Akatsuki no Yona:

Akatsuki no Yona manga

The Japanese manga series “Akatsuki no Yona,” also called “Yona of the Dawn,” was created by Mizuho Kusanagi. As of my most recent update in September 2021, the manga was still being serialized as of August 2009 in the shoujo publication “Hana to Yume” published by Hakusensha.

The protagonist of the story is Princess Yona, a lonely princess of the Kouka Kingdom. Together with Son Hak, her childhood friend and protector, she maintains a protected being in the palace. On the day of her sixteenth birthday, Yona experiences a major turn in her life when she sees her cousin Su-won, whom she had admired and hoped to marry, murder her father, King Il.

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3) Kimi ni Todoke:

Kimi ni Todoke manga

Popular Japanese manga “Kimi ni Todoke” is written and drawn by Karuho Shiina. The 2005–2017 magazine serialization of the series in Bessatsu Margaret has also been turned into an anime and live-action movie.

The protagonist of the novel is Sawako Kuronuma, a high school student who is frequently misunderstood and feared by her peers because to her similarity to the horror film character Sadako from “The Ring.” Despite having a good heart, Sawako finds it difficult to establish friends and feels lonely all the time.

The heartwarming and inspiring series “Kimi ni Todoke” addresses the concepts of friendship, love, and self-discovery. Its sympathetic characters and messages of acceptance and personal development have warmed the hearts of countless readers and viewers.

4) Karakuri Odette:

Karakuri Odette manga

Manga creator Julietta Suzuki is the author and illustrator of the “Karakuri Odette” series. From October 2005 to September 2007, the manga was published in serial form in the monthly magazine “Nakayoshi”. There are a total of six volumes in it.

Odette, an android constructed by Professor Yoshizawa, is the focus of the story. Odette differs from ordinary androids in that she is human-like and has feelings. She studies at a conventional high school and makes an effort to comprehend how people behave and feel. Odette engages with her students, especially her friend Asao, and considers what it means to be human during the course of the series.

It’s important to note that Julietta Suzuki is also well-known for her other well-liked manga series, including “Akuma to Dolce” and “Kamisama Kiss” (also known as “Kamisama Hajimemashita”). Her writing frequently combines fantasy and the paranormal with aspects of romance.

5) Kobato:

Kobato manga

The famed all-female manga artist collective CLAMP is the creator of the manga series “Kobato.” The magazine Newtype published it in serial form from January 2005 to November 2011. A after anime television adaptation of the series ran in Japan from October 2009 to March 2010.

The protagonist of the tale is a little child named Kobato Hanato, who is on a quest to fill a mysteriously termed “Bottle of Wishes.” She needs to help those who are suffering or in agony by healing their hearts. Kobato’s wish is to fulfill her own wish, which is to travel to a specific location.

A nice and moving television series called “Kobato.” blends humorous scenes with in-depth analyses of the human condition. It is a cherished piece of CLAMP’s large body of work and has a devoted following.

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6) MeruPuri:

MeruPuri manga

Shoujo manga author and artist Matsuri Hino is the creator of the “MeruPuri” series. From 2002 to 2004, it was published in serial form in the Japanese magazine Hana to Yume. The four-volume series has grown in popularity among readers who enjoy the romance and fantasy genres.

The story centers on Airi Hoshina, a high school student who discovers a strange book in her attic. A spell in the book is mistakenly read by Airi, which causes her to be transported to a medieval fantasy setting. She meets Aram, a little boy who is the prince of the MR Heaven Kingdom, in this realm.

Positive reviews were given to “MeruPuri” for its captivating plot, endearing characters, and stunning artwork by Matsuri Hino, who is well known for her other works including “Vampire Knight” and “Captive Hearts.” It’s worth checking out “MeruPuri” if you like humorous romance and fantasy manga.

7) The World is Still Beautiful:

The World is Still Beautiful

Dai Shiina is the creator of the manga series “The World is Still Beautiful” (also known as “Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii” in Japanese). From 2009 until 2017, it was serialized in the monthly shojo manga publication Hana to Yume. Later, an anime television series based on the book series ran from April to June 2014.

The tale of Nike Lemercier, the fourth princess of the Rain Dukedom, is told in “The World is Still Beautiful.” Nike is taken by her family to the Sun Kingdom to wed the Sun King Livius I in a world where various nations, each with a different governing king or queen, exist. Nike learns that the Sun King is a little child who has the ability to control the weather, however, after entering the Sun Kingdom.

In order to examine the concepts of love, duty, and the influence of music, “The World is Still Beautiful” combines elements of romance, fantasy, and politics. It is the story of two people from very different backgrounds coming to understand and support each other and, in the end, finding strength in their bond.

8) Witch Hat Atelier:

Witch Hat Atelier

The fantasy manga series “Witch Hat Atelier” was created by Kamome Shirahama. It was first published in tankobon format by Kodansha after being serialized in Monthly Morning Two magazine. Since it became very famous, the series has been translated into several languages, including English.

The story takes place in a universe where magic is an unusual and mysterious art. It centers on a little girl named Coco who longs to be a witch while residing in a community where magic is outlawed. She accidently summons a renowned witch named Qifrey, a flying lad, when she comes upon a magical book one day. Qifrey hires Coco as his apprentice and sends her to the the wealthy Witch Hat Atelier after being impressed with her potential.

Kamome Shirahama’s gorgeous artwork is one of “Witch Hat Atelier”‘s most notable aspects. The series masterfully creates a story that combines mystery, adventure, and a dash of whimsy.

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9) Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches:

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches manga

Miki Yoshikawa is the author and illustrator of the manga series “Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches”. From 2012 until 2017, the series was published in Weekly Shonen Magazine, and it has now been turned into an anime television program.

Ryuu Yamada, a high school miscreant known for his unruly behavior and poor academics, is the protagonist of the novel. One day, following a fight with Urara Shiraishi, the president of the student council, they unintentionally misstep and tumble down the stairs together. Their bodies switch as a result of this incident. They learn that Shiraishi is a witch who has the ability to transfer bodies by kissing someone, which explains why this unusual phenomenon is happening.

The story of “Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches” is enjoyable and captivating because it combines romance, humor, and supernatural abilities. It looks with issues like friendship, self-discovery, and the consequences of tampering with supernatural powers.

10) Snow White with the Red Hair:

Snow White with the Red Hair

The manga series “Snow White with the Red Hair” (Akagami no Shirayukihime) was created by Sorata Akizuki. From August 2006 to June 2018, the series was serialized in the monthly shjo manga publication LaLa DX. A second season, which ran from January to March 2016, was created from the anime adaptation and broadcast from July to September 2015.

Shirayuki, a young girl with lovely red hair, is the main character of the novel. She resides in the Tanbarun kingdom and is an expert herbalist. Her life, however, takes a dramatic change when Raji Shenazard, the prince of Tanbarun, falls in love with her and demands that she become his concubine. Shirayuki, who is determined to avoid this unfortunate fate, cuts her hair and escapes to the nearby kingdom of Clarines.
As the plot develops, “Snow White with the Red Hair” examines Shirayuki and Zen’s developing romance, their difficulties, and the various adventures they take on together. With a significant emphasis on themes like self-discovery, independence, and pursuing one’s aspirations, the television series combines aspects of romance, fantasy, and drama.


In conclusion, the blending of romance and fantasy in manga has produced a wide range of engrossing tales that have captured readers all around the world. 10 Top-rated manga series with romance and fantasy examined in this article are examples of how this special mix may be used to great effect, sending readers on remarkable journeys replete with romance, magic, and adventure. These manga stories have shown the enduring attraction of the romance and fantasy genres, from the glittering realms of mythical animals and supernatural beings to the delicate threads of romance that intertwine amid wondrous landscapes. These manga series offer a treasure trove of emotions, leaving readers with a sense of wonder and fulfillment, whether you’re looking for epic adventures, heartbreaking love stories, or tales of strange creatures.


1. Can I find English translations of these manga?

Yes, these well-known manga series have been translated into English and are widely accessible through a variety of online and physical outlets.

2. Can I expect a satisfying ending from these manga series?

While I can’t give away any spoilers, many of these manga series conclude with satisfying endings that wrap up important plotlines and character arcs.

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