Great Scottish Run 2022 Course Error: Extra Checks for Fair Play in 2023

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Hey there, running fans! We’ve got some news from the world of marathons that might just make you shake your head and wonder, “How did this happen again?” It’s about the Great Scottish Run and if you’re into personal bests and fair play you’ll want to hear this.

Remember last year’s Great Scottish Run? Well for some runners it was a dream dashed. Imagine training tirelessly, pushing yourself to the limit only to find out that your personal best was… well not exactly “personal” anymore. The culprit? A short course. Yep, the 2022 Great Scottish Run had an oopsie-daisy moment with its course measurements. It was short not by much but enough to invalidate those hard-earned personal records.

Now, for those of you thinking, “Okay, things happen, right?” You’re absolutely right. These things do happen, but the catch is, it wasn’t the first time. Nope, this was the second time in six years. Lightning striking twice, or in this case, short courses striking twice.

So, what’s the scoop for 2023? Well, the good folks behind the Great Scottish Run are not taking any chances. They’ve decided it’s time to double-check, triple-check, heck, even quadruple-check the course to ensure it’s the right length. No more record invalidations, they promise. Runners, you can exhale now.

As of today, organizers are on a mission to re-measure the entire course. That means every nook, every cranny, every twist, and every turn will be scrutinized to make sure it adds up to the full distance. Can’t blame them for wanting to get it right this time!

It’s not just about the inconvenience of invalidated records; it’s about giving runners a fair shot at achieving their best. After all, isn’t that what these events are all about? The thrill of the run the challenge and the personal achievements.

In the midst of all this, spare a thought for Scottish runner Eilish McColgan. She set two records during the 2022 Great Scottish Run, only to have them invalidated due to that pesky course error. Tough break, right?

But hey, it’s not all gloom and doom. It’s a learning experience, and one that the organizers are determined not to repeat. So, if you’re lacing up your running shoes for the Great Scottish Run in the future, you can rest assured that extra checks are in place to ensure your personal best is genuinely personal.

In the end, the Great Scottish Run is all about celebrating the spirit of running, personal achievements, and the camaraderie among athletes. And while 2022 may have left some runners scratching their heads, let’s hope that 2023 brings nothing but smiles and well-earned personal records. Happy running, everyone!

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