10 Slice-of-life manga for relaxation

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Introduction: Slice-of-life manga for relaxation because it often focuses on character interactions, ordinary events, and light storytelling. 10 slice-of-life manga for relaxation series are listed below if you want to relax and have a relaxing reading experience:

Slice-of-life manga for relaxation

Here are 10 Slice-of-life manga for relaxation

1) Yotsuba&!:

Yotsuba&! manga

Popular manga series “Yotsuba&!” was developed by Kiyohiko Azuma. In the manga, a young girl named Yotsuba Koiwai explores her surroundings and goes on adventures. The show is renowned for its amusing and endearing stories.

Yotsuba, a five-year-old child who is positive, curious, and easily delighted over ordinary things, is the protagonist of the novel. Yotsuba and her adoptive father, Mr. Koiwai, relocate to a new area where they rapidly become friends with the other families, especially the Ayase sisters.

The manga depicts Yotsuba’s interactions with her friends and others of her community in each chapter. Yotsuba’s zeal and innocence frequently result in humorous and endearing scenarios, whether she is visiting a farm, the beach, or simply exploring her surroundings.

2) Non Non Biyori:

Non Non Biyori manga

Atto is the author and illustrator of the Japanese manga series “Non Non Biyori”. From 2009 until 2018, it was published in the Monthly Comic Alive magazine. The manga was eventually made into an anime television series, which ran from October to December 2013 and then from July to September 2015 for a second season. “Non Non Biyori Nonstop,” the third season of the anime, broadcast from January to March 2021.

The plot of “Non Non Biyori” centers on a group of students who reside in Asahigaoka, a tiny rural community. Hotaru Ichijou, a fifth-grader who recently relocated from Tokyo to the country, together with her classmates Renge Miyauchi, Natsumi Koshigaya, and her older sister Komari Koshigaya, are the primary protagonists. Together, they study in the same one-room schoolhouse under the instruction of Kazuho Miyauchi, Renge’s older sister.

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3) Amanchu!:

Amanchu! manga

Japanese manga author and artist Kozue Amano is the creator of the series “Amanchu!” From November 2008 until December 2014, the manga was serialized in the seinen manga magazine Comic Blade. Following then, it was compiled into a total of 14 tank-bon volumes.

Hikari Kohinata, a young girl, is the main character of “Amanchu!” She relocates from a city to a coastal town. Hikari is a happy, energetic young woman who adores diving and the ocean. She does not, however, have any scuba diving expertise or knowledge.

Hikari makes friends with Futaba Ooki, a quiet and reserved student at her new school. Despite having quite different personalities, the two end up becoming good friends and choose to join the diving club at their school.

4) Silver Spoon:

Silver Spoon manga

Manga creator Hiromu Arakawa is the author and illustrator of the “Silver Spoon” series. From 2011 until 2019, it was serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday. An anime series was also made from it. The most well-known work by Hiromu Arakawa is the popular manga and anime series “Fullmetal Alchemist.”

Ooezo Agricultural High School is a country agricultural high school where “Silver Spoon” is situated. Yuugo Hachiken, the main character, is a Sapporo city youngster who enrolls in the school to get away from the demanding academic environment of his previous school. He quickly learns, though, that life at an agricultural school is not as simple as he had imagined.

5) Natsume’s Book of Friends:

Natsume's Book of Friends manga

Yuki Midorikawa is the author of the manga and anime series “Natsume’s Book of Friends”. The anime adaptation debuted in 2008 and finished its sixth season in 2017, while the manga was first serialized in 2003 and is still being published today. The series has become well-known for its distinctive fusion of paranormal themes, drama, and moving storytelling.

Takashi Natsume, a teenage kid who can see yokai—spirits and supernatural beings from Japanese folklore—is the protagonist of the novel. Natsume has battled his gift his entire life because it has led to him being shunned and misunderstood by others. He receives the “Book of Friends” from his maternal grandmother Reiko, who was also able to see yokai. The names of the yokai she has vanquished and subdued are listed in the book.

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6) My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected:

My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected manga

The light novel series “My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected,” often referred to as “Oregairu,” was created by Wataru Watari and illustrated by Ponkan8. A manga and an anime have also been created from the series.

Hachiman Hikigaya, a deeply gloomy and lonely high school student who struggles to establish sincere connections with people, serves as the protagonist of the novel. Hachiman is compelled to join the Service Club, a group dedicated to assisting students with their issues, as retribution for his antisocial behavior.

Hachiman encounters Yukino Yukinoshita, a stunning and clever young woman with a cold and distant demeanor, in the Service Club. They make an unusual trio with Yui Yuigahama, a happy and extroverted girl.

7) Aria:


The manga series “Aria” was produced by Kozue Amano. It was first serialized in the publication “Comic Blade” from 2002 to 2008 before being transferred to the publication “Monthly Comic Avarus.” Twelve volumes make up the series, which has been translated into several anime series.

The plot of “Aria” takes place on the planet Aqua, which was previously Mars but has now undergone transforming to become a world with a surface covered in water. The main location of the series is the city of Neo Venezia, which is modeled after Venice, Italy. Akari Mizunashi, a young woman from Earth who relocated to Neo Venezia to train as a “undine,” a skilled gondolier who travels the city’s canals, is the primary character.

8) Solanin:


Inio Asano, a prominent Japanese manga artist, created the manga series “Solanin” and wrote and illustrated it. From 2005 to 2006, it was published in serial form in the Japanese seinen manga magazine “Weekly Young Sunday.” Later, the entire series was compiled into one book.

The narrative of “Solanin” centers on Meiko Inoue, a recent college graduate who is disillusioned and unsure about her future. Meiko has a pointless office job while Naruo Taneda, her boyfriend, is a member of a struggling band. The pair must deal with the demands of adulthood, the routine of daily life, and the knowledge that their hopes and desires could not be easily realized.

9) March Comes in Like a Lion:

 March Comes in Like a Lion

Chica Umino is the author and illustrator of the Japanese manga series “March Comes in Like a Lion” (also known as “3-gatsu no Lion”). From 2007 until 2019, it was serialized in the seinen manga magazine “Young Animal” published by Hakusensha. The manga was well received and won praise from critics for its plot, characters, and artwork.

Rei Kiriyama, a young professional shogi player, is the focus of the narrative. A Japanese board game called shogi is comparable to chess. Rei leads a solitary existence while dealing with the demands of his profession and the ghosts of his terrible past. His life, however, changes when he meets Momo, Akari, and Hinata Kawamoto. Rei is cordially welcomed into their house, where he is given the assistance and sense of belonging he has been missing.

10) Bakuman:


Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata are the creators of the manga series “Bakuman”. The series, which has 20 volumes, was published in Weekly Shonen Jump from 2008 to 2012. A television anime series has also been created using this material.

“Bakuman” tells the tale of two high school students named Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi who want to become famous manga artists. Takagi is a gifted storyteller, whereas Mashiro is a gifted artist. They make the decision to work together and pursue their goal of making a successful manga series.

These manga series should provide you with more delightful and relaxing reading experiences, each offering a unique take on slice-of-life storytelling. Enjoy!


1. What themes can I expect from these manga?

Friendship, family, personal growth, self-discovery, and the beauty of ordinary life are among the themes explored in these comics. They frequently capture the complexities of human emotions and relationships.

2. Where can I read these manga?

You can find these manga in bookstores, online retailers, and digital platforms that offer manga. Some may also be available for free or through subscription services.

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