Top 10 Old Sci-fi Anime of all time

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Science fiction anime, a genre that attracted viewers with its fantastical settings, cutting-edge technologies, and epic space battles, rose to prominence in the 20th century. These anime programs and films, which ranged from mecha to cyberpunk, pushed the limits of storytelling and had a significant influence on the genre. In this article, we examine top 10 old sci-fi anime of all time that established the subgenre and still motivate fans today.

Top 10 old sci-fi anime of all time

Here are top 10 old sci-fi anime of all time

1) Space Battleship Yamato:

Space Battleship Yamato manga
8.1/10 rating on imdb
Aired in (1974–1975)

The story of “Space Battleship Yamato” takes place in a future in which the Gamilas, an alien species, are attacking Earth. The crew of the space battleship Yamato sets out on a dangerous trip across the galaxy in search of a weapon that can save their planet as humanity is on the verge of destruction. With its dramatic space battles, intergalactic travel, and a strong feeling of crew camaraderie, this legendary series helped establish the space opera subgenre and captivated audiences. The series earned its reputation as a classic of 20th-century sci-fi animation with the help of its rich storytelling, endearing characters, and emotional depth.

2) Space Adventure Cobra (1982–1983):

Space Adventure Cobra manga
8.4/10 rating on imdb
Aired in (1982–1983)

“Space Adventure Cobra” follows the extraterrestrial adventures of the likeable outlaw Cobra. Cobra navigates a universe full of space pirates, dangerous aliens, and attractive women while armed with his strong cybernetic arm and the deadly psychogun concealed within it. Pulp fiction and film noir served as inspiration for this action-packed series, combining aspects of space opera, adventure, and science fiction. “Space Adventure Cobra” made a significant impact on the genre with its attractive aesthetics, daring action, and lovable protagonist, inspiring follow-up works and gaining a devoted following.

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3) Megazone 23:

Megazone 23 manga
6.7/10 rating on imdb
Aired in (1985)

Megazone 23” shows a dystopian future in which the young motorcyclist Shogo Yahagi unintentionally learns a sinister truth about the town he considers home. He finds himself involved in a bigger scheme that puts at risk not just his own existence but also the future of humanity when he looks into the enigma in greater detail. In this OVA series, identity, artificial intelligence, and the hazy boundaries between reality and illusion are explored through the superb fusion of cyberpunk and mecha elements. “Megazone 23” has stood the test of time thanks to its stunning animation, thought-provoking story, and Yellow Magic Orchestra’s acclaimed score.

4) They Were 11:

They Were 11 manga
7/10 rating on imdb
Aired in (1986)

The events of “They Were 11” take place within a spaceship while prospective space cadets take a test. They must cooperate to determine the true nature of their exam as the ten candidates and an unexpected eleventh person find themselves alone and confronting serious hazards. The intricate histories and motivations of the characters are explored in this science fiction mystery movie, which also explores issues of trust, identity, and survival. “They Were 11” stands out as a thought-provoking and engrossing entry in the genre with its tense plot, deep character development, and philosophical implications.

5) Bubblegum Crisis:

Bubblegum Crisis manga
7.3/10 rating on imdb
Aired in (1987–1991)

“Bubblegum Crisis” follows the Knight Sabers, a gang of armored vigilante women battling against renegade artificial intelligence and its dangerous Boomers creations in the futuristic city of Mega-Tokyo. This series developed a distinct and grim future by fusing cyberpunk aesthetics, intense action, and a dash of noir. “Bubblegum Crisis” established the cyberpunk style, influenced subsequent anime, and revolutionized science fiction narrative with its endearing characters, heart-pounding combat, and classic 1980s synth-pop music.

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6) Sol Bianca (1990–1991):

Sol Bianca manga
6/10 rating on imdb
Aired in (1990–1991)

The plot of “Sol Bianca” centers on a group of female space pirates who cross perilous interstellar waters while being hunted by various organizations interested in the ship’s secrets. This OVA series features strong and diverse female characters in a genre frequently dominated by male protagonists, and it is full of exciting space fights, daring escapes, and interplanetary travel. “Sol Bianca” has a devoted fanbase thanks to its unique blend of action, adventure, and a hint of mystery as well as its emphasis on themes of freedom and self-discovery.

7) Dominion Tank Police (1988-1989):

Dominion Tank Police manga
6.8/10 rating on imdb
Aired in (1988-1989)

In a future in which tanks are ordinary automobiles, the television series “Dominion Tank Police” follows a special law enforcement unit that uses tanks to fight crime in their metropolis. The Dominion Tank Police, led by the eccentric Leona Ozaki, engages a variety of foes in a series of comical antics, outstanding combat, and high-speed pursuits. In order to address topics of justice, authority, and the morality of law enforcement, this series combines action, comedy, and social satire. “Dominion Tank Police” is still regarded as a cult classic in the sci-fi anime genre thanks to its unusual visual design, irreverent comedy, and endearing characters.

8) Key the Metal Idol (1994–1997):

Key the Metal Idol
7/10 rating on imdb
Aired in (1994–1997)

“Key the Metal Idol” portrays the moving tale of Tokiko Mima, a little girl attempting to become human by meeting a list of demands set down by her late grandfather. This anime investigates the nature of mankind, identity, and technology in a society that is not too distant in the future. “Key the Metal Idol” provides a thought-provoking and emotionally symbolic viewing experience with its contemplative narrative, intricate character relationships, and integration of sci-fi, drama, and psychological themes.

9) Memories :

7.5/10 rating on imdb
Airen in (1995)

“Memories” is an anthology film directed by “Akira” creator Katsuhiro Otomo that consists of three different storylines. Each episode offers a unique outlook on the future while displaying several artistic mediums and delving into a variety of sci-fi subjects. From the dystopian city of “Magnetic Rose” to the hauntingly surreal “Stink Bomb” and the post-apocalyptic desert of “Cannon Fodder,” “Memories” presents a compelling and visually spectacular investigation of humanity’s connection with technology and its effects.

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10) Crest of the Stars (1999):

Crest of the Stars
7.6/10 rating on imdb
Aired in (1999)

“Crest of the Stars” portrays the adventures of Jinto Lin, a young aristocrat who finds himself in the middle of an intergalactic war between the human race and an extraterrestrial civilization known as the Abh. Jinto successfully deals the difficulties of politics, battle, and interpersonal relationships thanks to his alliance with Abh princess Lafiel. Epic space battles, complex world-building, and a concentration on the development and dynamics of its main characters all come together in this space opera series. “Crest of the Stars” stands out as a standout entry in the genre thanks to its grand narrative, engrossing lore, and in-depth analysis of cultural diversity.


The Top 10 old sci-fi anime of all time listed in this article have solidified their place as legendary examples of the genre. These anime series and films, which range from the space-faring epic of “Space Battleship Yamato” to the cyberpunk thrills of “Bubblegum Crisis” and the introspective travel of “Key the Metal Idol,” have had a lasting influence on the genre. These works have influenced the sci-fi anime landscape with their unique settings, visionary stories, and beloved characters. They also continue to inspire new generations of fans. These Top 10 old sci-fi anime of all time have pushed the limits of imagination, cementing their position as everlasting gems of the genre, whether through epic space battles, philosophical studies, or thought-provoking tales.


1. Are these anime series still accessible to watch?

Most of these classic anime series are still available through various streaming platforms, DVD releases, and fan communities.

2. Are there any recommended viewing orders for these anime series?

Each series is a standalone story, so you can watch them in any order you prefer. However, some fans recommend starting with the more iconic titles before exploring the others.

3. How has the influence of these anime spread beyond their original releases?

These classic sci-fi anime have influenced countless creators, resulting in homages, references, and adaptations in a variety of media, demonstrating their going on influence.

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