10 Best Jung Hae-in K-Dramas

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The charming and skilled South Korean actor Jung Hae-in has won over fans all over the world with his lovable attitude and remarkable acting abilities. He has appeared in many popular films, and his career has grown significantly over the years. In this post, we’ll examine the top 10 Jung Hae-in K-Dramas that have proven his versatility and established him as a household name in the entertainment world.

Jung Hae-in K-Dramas

Here are 10 Best Jung Hae-in K-Dramas

1. “One Spring Night” (2019):

Jung Hae-in plays Yoo Ji-ho, a sympathetic and perceptive pharmacist, in this touching romance drama. The movie centers on a complicated love tale that examines the challenges and feelings of contemporary relationships. Yoo Ji-ho is portrayed by Jung Hae-in in a way that is incredibly approachable since he highlights the character’s honesty and fragility. He portrays the essence of a man stuck between his emotions and society standards through his flawless acting. The genuine representation of love and devotion in “One Spring Night” won praise from a wide audience, and Jung Hae-in’s acting gave this lovely story even more depth.

2. “Tune in for Love” (2019):

“Tune in for Love,” which is set in the nostalgic 1990s, chronicles the entrancing romance of Mi-soo (Kim Go-eun) and Jung-hae (Jung Hae-in). The movie expertly depicts the spirit of first love and the difficulties it brings when the two cross paths at different stages in their life. The dynamic and sincere way Jung Hae-in portrays Jung-hae reflects the character’s tenacity and love. His on-screen connection with Kim Go-eun makes their love story even more captivating, engrossing viewers in their adventure. “Tune in for Love” is a memorable love experience because it demonstrates Jung Hae-in’s talent for subtly and honestly expressing feelings.

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3. “Something in the Rain” (2018):

Jung Hae-in plays Seo Joon-hee, a young guy who falls in love with his best friend’s older sister, in this hugely well-liked K-drama series. Due to its intriguing plot and outstanding performance by Jung Hae-in as a pleasant and dedicated young man, the drama attracted a lot of attention. His performance stands out because of his capacity to convey the complexities of love and the difficulties presented by society rules. A must-watch for lovers of romantic dramas and a tribute to Jung Hae-in’s acting talent, “Something in the Rain” got great appreciation for the chemistry she shared with co-star Son Ye-jin.

4. “Snowdrop” (2021):

In the Korean drama series “Snowdrop,” Jung Hae-in plays Im Soo-ho, a college student who gets caught up in a complicated web of secrets, politics, and love. The 1980s period drama centers on a clandestine romance that grows against a turbulent political backdrop. Im Soo-ho, played by Jung Hae-in, exemplifies his ability to give his characters complexity and refinement, capturing the spirit of a troubled young man trapped between his heart and his principles. Jung Hae-in maintains his status as a top actor in the South Korean drama business with his enthralling performance.

5. “Bride of the Century” (2014):

In the romantic fantasy series “Bride of the Century,” Jung Hae-in plays Choi Kang-joo, the haughty and affluent heir to a corporation. The plot centres around a century-old curse that afflicts the family’s first-born sons, causing them to have tragic relationships with the women they love. However, when Choi Kang-joo meets a look-alike doppelganger, Na Doo-rim (also played by Yang Jin-sung), who comes from a poor family, the unexpected occurs. Jung Hae-in’s portrayal of Choi Kang-joo demonstrates his ability to bring rich and nuanced characters to life

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6. “Prison Playbook” (2017):

Jung Hae-in portrays Lieutenant Lee Joon-ho, a young correctional officer at a prison, in the critically acclaimed K-drama series “Prison Playbook.” The program explores the intricate dynamics and compelling human tales that exist within the correctional facility by focusing on the lives of convicts and prison staff. Lieutenant Lee Joon-ho is portrayed by Jung Hae-in with charisma and relatability as he struggles to uphold discipline while still being compassionate toward individuals under his charge. He stands out in an ensemble cast thanks to his performance, which gives the character’s development and metamorphosis over the series more substance. “Prison Playbook” enhances Jung Hae-in’s reputation as a versatile performer with a flair for interesting storyline.

7. “D.P.” (2021):

Taking on the part of An Jun-ho, a devoted and moral army private assigned to the Deserter Pursuit Unit in the well-liked Netflix series “D.P.,” Jung Hae-in plays the character. The show explores the difficulties the squad encounters in locating and capturing AWOL soldiers. An Jun-ho is portrayed by Jung Hae-in in a way that is both compelling and emotionally impactful because he highlights the character’s internal conflicts and ethical quandaries. His performance deepens the investigation of military complexity and the human cost of military service in the production. “D.P.” further demonstrates Jung Hae-in’s prowess in parts that are both emotionally taxing and action-packed.

8. “Conspiracy: Age of Rebellion” (2017):

In the suspenseful drama “Conspiracy: Age of Rebellion,” Jung Hae-in plays Park Sang-ho, a member of a group of activists fighting an authoritarian government. His strong portrayal gives the movie’s examination of political scheming, devotion, and the pursuit of justice substance. Sang-ho’s personal problems and persistent dedication to his mission are highlighted by Jung Hae-in’s ability to give his character depth. “Conspiracy: Age of Rebellion” showcases Jung Hae-in’s skill in playing strong, morally-compelled characters.

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9. “A Piece of Your Mind” (2020):

In the romantic comedy series “A Piece of Your Mind,” Jung Hae-in plays the part of Ha Won, an AI programmer who is obsessively committed to his work. His one-sided love for Moon Soon-ho (played by Chae Soo-bin) and the difficulties they encounter navigating their emotions and past traumas are at the center of the narrative. Ha Won is portrayed by Jung Hae-in with tenderness and sincerity, perfectly expressing the character’s frailty and desire to defend those he cares about. The film “A Piece of Your Mind” demonstrates Jung Hae-in’s talent for giving his characters depth by allowing the audience to relate to Ha Won’s emotional journey and the difficulties of unrequited love.

10. “While You Were Sleeping” (2017):

In the fantasy love story “While You Were Sleeping,” Jung Hae-in plays Han Woo-tak, a dedicated and compassionate police officer with a special talent for predicting the future through his dreams. The plot of the show centers on the interwoven lives of Woo-tak, Jung Jae-chan, a zealous prosecutor played by Lee Jong-suk, and Nam Hong-joo, a young woman with the talent to predict accidents in her dreams. Han Woo-tak is portrayed by Jung Hae-in in a charming and captivating way as he struggles to understand the complexity of his extraordinary gift and how it affects those around him


In summary, Jung Hae-in K-Dramas is a genuine gold mine of various roles that showcase his enormous talent and adaptability as an actor. He has constantly given attaching performances that connect with audiences all across the world, whether they are in loving romances, tough thrillers, or historical tragedies. One of the most adored performers in the South Korean entertainment industry, Jung Hae-in has a devoted fan following thanks to his ability to convey emotions with depth and honesty. Audiences eagerly anticipate seeing this exceptional actor’s development and brilliance on the big screen with each new film.


Q. Are English subtitles available for these dramas?

Yes, these dramas frequently have English subtitles available on streaming services, allowing audiences from around the world to see them.

Q. Which drama is Jung Hae-in most famous for?

Jung Hae-in gained significant recognition and popularity through his role in “Something in the Rain” (2018), where he portrayed a charismatic character in a complex romantic relationship.

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